Nankana Sahib Public Sen. Sec. School


The facilities of vast play grounds and trained coaches are available to the students. Al children spend one hour daily on games and sports. P.T. or athletics so as to keep them physically fit. Though all care is taken by the staff to look after students in the best possible manner, yet the school, authorities will not be liable for any damage or injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by a boy in calisthenic sports, athletics or other co-curricular activities inside the school.


Local and Short excursions are arranged once a year for the benefits of the students. All students have to participate in such excursions. Exemption is granted by the Principal for special reason only. Besides studies, the students take keen interest in the following hobbies:

1. Dance & Music Club
2. Divinity Club
3. Multi Media Club
4. Electrical/Mechanical Club
5. Games & Sports Club
6. Oratory Club
7. Eco Club
8. Art/Craft Club
9. Home Science